Prof. Sophie Layé
French National Institute for Agricultural Research
INRA · Laboratoire Nutrition et Neurobiologie Intégrée (NutriNeuro)


Sophie Layé is the head of the NutriNeuro Institute (INRA Univ Bordeaux, Bordeaux INP) that she created in 2011. The research conducted in the Institute aims to decipher the effect of nutrition on cognitive decline and mood disorders to define a protective nutrition for the brain. She also co-heads OptiNutriBrain, an international associated laboratory, with Pr F Calon (Université Laval, Québec). Since 2018, she leads Food4BrainHealth, an international research network (Inra, CNRS, Univ Bordeaux, Univ Bourgogne, Univ Saclay, Univ Toronto, McGill, Univ Laval). Sophie is recognized for her work on the contribution of unbalanced nutrition in mood and cognitive disorders and how lipids (omega3, omega6, etc.) participate to neuroplasticity and neuroinflammation.

Lipids for infants – more than calories


Prof. Berthold Koletzko
LMU Univ of Munich, Dr von Hauner Children's Hospital


Berthold Koletzko is Professor of Paediatrics at LMU – University of Munich, Germany and head, Div. Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine, Hauner Children’s Hospital, Univ. of Munich. He authored >975 journal articles (Web of Science Citations 21 522, H-index 74), 222 book chapters, and 38 books. Bert is President, Federation Int Soc of Paediatr Gastroenterol, Hepatol & Nutrition, Past-President, Eur Soc Paediatr Gastroenterol, Hepatol & Nutrition, President-Elect, Int Soc Res Human Milk & Lactation, Treasurer Elect, United Eur Gastroenterology, Chair, Tertiary Care Council, Eur Paediatr Academy. His research grants during the last decade of >20 mio.€ were provided by EU Framework Programmes 6, 7 & H2020, Eur Research Council, German Research Council, governments of Germany, Bavaria and Norway, US NIH and others. He coordinated the EU funded projects CHOP, PIANAO, EARNEST, EarlyNutrition, Early Nutrition eAcademy South East Asia and Capacity Building to Improve Early Nutrition and Health in South Africa. He is member of the grant review board medicine, German Research Council and chairs their Clinical Trial grant review board. Bert is Editor in Chief of Ann Nutrition & Metabolism and World Rev Nutr & Dietetics, and Associate Editor of Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metabol Care and Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde.

Host genetics, fatty acids, and gut microbiome interaction for metabolic health


Prof. Ju-Sheng Zheng
School of Life Sciences, Westlake University

Dr. Jingyuan Fu is an associate professor of Bioinformatics in the University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands. She studied Biochemistry (BSc) in China and then developed her scientific career in the fields of systems genetics and integrative genomics. In the Netherlands she gained an MSc in bioinformatics (with distinction) from Wageningen University in 2003 and a PhD cum laude from University of Groningen in 2007. In 2008, Fu joined the University Medical Centre Groningen as a post-doctoral researcher; she was appointed an associate professor in 2015. She has been awarded various funds for her research, including a VENI grant in 2009 and a VIDI in 2014 from the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO).

algae-based fatty acids and lipids


Prof. Qiang Hu
Micro-Algae Biotechnology Center


Dr. Qiang Hu is Director of SDIC Microalgal Biotechnology Center at China Electronic Engineering Design Institute, a part of the State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC). He also is a Professor and Director of the Center for Algal Biotechnology and Biofuels in the Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuhan, China. Prior to these positions, Dr. Hu was Professor and co-Director of the Laboratory for Algae Research and Biotechnology and co-Director of the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation at Arizona State University. He has over 30 years of experience in fundamental and applied research on algae on topics ranging from photosynthesis, biosynthesis of lipids and carotenoids, growth physiology of high-density algal culture, photobioreactor system design, and applications of algal mass culture technology for biofuels and chemicals, and for environmental bioremediation. He is an Associate Editor of Phycologia and Algae and an editorial board member of Journal of Applied Phycology and Algal Research.

Application of lipid profiling ("lipidomics") as a novel and independent approach for the systems level scale analysis of biological systems.


Prof. Markus Wenk
National University of Singapore

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