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PS16: Receptor Signaling & Bioactive Lipids

Chairs: A. Nicolaou/ S. Dyall

4:30-4:45    A. Kasonga  402430
Free fatty acid receptor 4 mediates the anti-osteoclastogenic effect of unsaturated fatty acids through ß-arrestin 2 signalling pathways

4:45-5:00   K. Gawrisch  448481
How does cholesterol modulate function of G protein-coupled membrane receptors?

5:00-5:15   A. Taha         448506
Linoleic acid entering the brain is rapidly metabolized into oxidized metabolites that regulate neuronal signaling

5:15-5:30   M. Uttley      445654
Modelling the Network of Eicosanoids in Human Skin Cells

5:30-5:45   M. Ferreira     446436
Discovering the influence of 15-Lipoxygenase and its Metabolites in Glioblastoma Growth and Migration/Invasion

5:45-6:00   S. Bhattacharjee        433401
The novel lipid mediators, elovanoids, target telomerase signaling in human retinal pigment epithelial cells.