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PS12: Genetics and Gene Expression

Chairs: B. Koletzko/ J. SanGiovanni              

2:30-2:45     J. SanGiovanni   445011
Twelve novel genetic loci associated with plasma EPA and DHA

2:45-3:00    D. Li                     438834      
Replication of a gene-diet interaction at CD36, NOS3 and PPARG in response to n-3 PUFA supplementation on blood lipids: a double-blind randomized controlled trial

3:00-3:15    B. Hopiavuori   421979
Homozygous Expression of Mutant ELOVL4 Leads to Seizures and Death in a Novel Animal Model of Very Long-Chain Fatty Acid Deficiency  

3:15-3:30   P. Kane        446931
Use of Pro-Resolving Bioactive Lipids to Address Aberrant Interplay among Organelles following Epigenetic Insult in Neuromuscular Disease

3:30-3:45     J. Perez-Mojica          446416
Methylome and transcriptome changes are related to the reduced proliferation and cell death induced by docosahexaenoic acid in Jurkat cells.