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PS21: Oxydized Lipids

Chairs: T. Mori/ K. Hamazaki

2:30-3:00    B. Hammock (Keynote)         
Increasing epoxides of polyunsaturated fatty acids blocks pain and resolves inflammation by modulating the ER stress axis. (30 min)

3:00-3:15    C. Ramsden        447895
Systems approach for discovering linoleic acid derivatives that mediate pain and itch

3:15-3:30     S. Pauls       439761
Anti-inflammatory properties of alpha-linolenic acid and its oxylipins in classically activated macrophages

3:30-3:45     H. Xu            434771
Oxylipin Effects of Aspirin in Adults With Diabetes Mellitus

3:45-4:00   J. Lee           433664
Peroxidation of 4-F4-neuroprostanes induces neurotoxicity in human neuroblastoma cells (SH-SY5Y)

Later Event: May 31
Coffee Break and Posters