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PS20: Lipid Therapeutic & Protective Potential

Chairs: B. Delplanque/ K. Stark

10:00-10:30   W-H Schunck (Keynote)         447587         
Therapeutic potential of omega-3 fatty acid-derived epoxyeicosanoids in cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases (30 min)

10:30-10:45   C. Gagnon    443719
Identification of a Novel 20:4 n-3 -Derived 5-Lipoxygenase Product that Inhibits LTB4 Receptor-Dependant Human Neutrophil Activation and Chemotaxis

10:45-11:00   R. Chapkin    428284
Plasma membrane lipid therapy: Disruption of oncogenic KRas nanoscale proteolipid composition by membrane targeted dietary bioactives (MTDB)

11:00-11:15    H-Y. Kim        447599
N-Docosahexaenoylethanolamine enables axon regeneration and improves visual function after optic nerve injury through G-protein coupled receptor 110 activation

11:15-11:30   M. Collins     457366
Brain neurodamage from alcohol: PARP- and PLA2- linked neuroinflammation with prevention by DHA.

Earlier Event: May 31
Coffee Break and Posters
Later Event: May 31
PS19: Lipid Metabolism 1