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PS18: Dietary Fatty Acid Intake

Chairs: R. Anderson/ J. Ellis

10:00-10:15   A. Devlin   438638
Dietary Intakes of Arachidonic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid and Relationship to Circulating Fatty acid Concentrations in Toddlers

10:15-10:30   L Xie          447370                            
ELOVL2/5 Genetic Variants Interacting with Intake of DHA Modulate n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Han Chinese Breast Milk

10:30-10:45   A. Metherel            442505
Complete assessment of whole-body n-3 and n-6 PUFA synthesis–secretion kinetics and DHA turnover in a rodent model

10:45-11:00    B. Delplanque       447950
High intake of dietary Linoleic Acid, compared to SFA or MUFA, limits accretion of preformed DHA to the brain of young rats

11:00-11:15      K. Jackson              419332
Achieving a desirable Omega-3 Index with fish and supplements

Earlier Event: May 31
PS19: Lipid Metabolism 1