This portion of the ISSFAL 2016 Congress website is for those individuals selected to present Posters in Stellenbosch.  Poster Presenters have likely received an email referring to this page which will provide important information to assist in the preparation of Poster Presentations.

Posters will be available for live presentation on 1 and a half days of the Congress. New this year, we will be incorporating all posters into an e-poster format as well as a printed version, so that all attendees will be able to view any Poster at anytime. Poster presenters will not formally present an e-poster, individuals will present a traditional printed poster.  Upon check in for the congress onsite, Poster Presenters must please bring a copy of their poster in PDF format and staff will assist in loading the file onto the e-poster system and affixing their printed poster in the correct location.  (Poster Presenters are welcome to opt out of the e-posters.)

 Since we have a very full oral programme, it is important that all attendees have the opportunity to see  the Posters.  We have created a schedule whereby one will be able to present their Poster formally during the lunch and breaks to facilitate discussion with those interested and also make it possible to meet others with posters of interest.

Below is important information to prepare your printed poster for the Congress.  Following the guidelines below, will assist everyone in accurate positioning, set-up and tear-down.

Your poster has a unique new poster number assigned to it.  This number ( 1 through 128 ) must be located in the upper right hand corner of your printed poster.  This number will be found on the specific location we assign your poster on site. POSTER PRESENTERS, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR NEW POSTER NUMBER. The table linked here is sorted by Last Name (Surname) with the new Poster Number and the Abstract Title.  If you are presenting more than 1 poster, please double check your number so that it prints on the correct poster.

Size:  Please note the dimensions required for the Posters.  The dimensions are not typical of past ISSFAL requirements. You are required to print your poster and bring it with you to Stellenbosch using the following guidelines, we will provide materials to affix your poster:

Poster Size                        80 cm width x 110 cm height (Portrait format)
Fixing                                 Fixing materials will be provided onsite

Install (Group 1)               
Monday 05 September, 12:00 Noon-17:30
Tuesday 06 September, 07:00-08:30

Dismantle (Group 1)        
Wednesday, 07 September 09:45, after this time the posters will be destroyed.

Install (Group 2)
Wednesday 07 September, 09:45 - 12:15

Dismantle (Group 2)        
Friday, 09 September 13:30, after this time the posters will be destroyed.

All posters must contain a declaration of Conflict of Interest and must not include commercial logos. Remember, you will need to include poster reference number in the top right corner. Details of the poster reference number will be sent in early August.

SAMPLE DISPLAY BOARD AREA (approximately 4 posters per side):

Hand-outs: Any hand-outs should be clear and concise and include no commercial or advertising material. You are responsible for providing an envelope to hold the hand-outs to be affixed to the poster board.

Due to the limited space of the poster area, it is necessary that poster presenters adhere to the following regulations:

· Mount materials flat on the poster board with the adhesion materials provided on site
· Free standing items such as computers cannot be accommodated
· Special lighting is not permitted
· Use of film, video or slides is not permitted


We would like all presenters to set up their poster at the Congress venue, Stellenbosch University Konservatorie Foyer on as indicated above for your groupings.