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PS08: Inflammation and Allergy

Chairs: P. Calder/ R. Shaikh

4:45-5:00           Y. Wan                 441562 The Protective Effects of a Lipid Extract from Hard-Shelled Mussel (Mytilus Coruscus) on Intestinal Integrity after Lipopolysaccharide Challenge in Mice

5:00-5:15         K. Wierenga         424624
Percent omega-3 in highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs) is a predictor of disease outcomes in an environmental toxicant-triggered lupus mouse model

5:15-5:30    M. Crouch   425506
Docosahexaenoic acid improves the decrement in antibody production of obese mice upon influenza infection through a mechanism mediated by 14-HDHA

5:30-5:45   J. Pestka        441686
Docosahexanoic Acid Consumption Prevents Toxicant-Triggered Ectopic Lymphoid Structure Development and Autoantibody Responses in Lupus-Prone Mice

5:45-6:00   C.  Souza        446023
Palmitoleic acid attenuated the high fat diet induced liver inflammation

6:00-6:15   K. Hadley    448127
Supplementing dams with both arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acid has beneficial effects on growth and immune development in offspring

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