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PS07: Neuroscience

Chairs: N. Bazan/K. Lin

4:45-5:15            N. Bazan (Keynote)         441812
The elovanoids: a novel class of mediators that arise from elongated omega-3 fatty acids and target neuronal pro-homeostatic signaling hubs (30 min)

5:15-5:30            M. Neuringer     447228
Dietary deficiency of n-3 fatty acids and macular pigment carotenoids: Update on a nonhuman primate model of retinal aging and macular degeneration

5:30-5:45            A. Nadjar            429596
Polyunsaturated fatty acids tune microglial shaping of neuronal circuits in the developing brain

5:45-6:00            A. Desai            448408
Effect of brain DHA status and exogenous synaptamide on injury outcome in a mouse model of repeated brain injury

6:00-6:15            K. Lin     427336
Palmitic acid methylation confers neuroprotection in cerebral ischemia

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PS08: Inflammation and Allergy
Later Event: May 28
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