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PS05: Cardiovascular

Chairs: W. Harris/ A. Devlin

2:30-2:45      C. von Schacky        445242
Fatty acid risk score improves risk prediction in primary and secondary prevention compared to established risk prediction algorithms

2:45-3:00      L. Liu           447555
EPA and DHA Protection Against Left Ventricular Hypertrophy: MESA

3:00-3:15   W. Harris      426011
Erythrocyte Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acid Levels are Inversely Associated with Mortality and with Incident Cardiovascular Disease: the Framingham Heart Study

3:15-3:30    M. Marklund             433119
Biomarkers of dietary omega-6 fatty acids and incident cardiovascular disease and mortality: a pooled analysis of 30 cohort studies

3:30-3:45    P. Howe       447385
Gender dependent effects of fish oil supplementation on cerebrovascular responsiveness

3:45-4:00     J. Glatz        446717
Identification of v-ATPase as an intracellular lipid sensor in the heart

Later Event: May 28
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