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PS04: Brain Fatty Acid Uptake & Lipid Profile

Chairs: M. Lagarde/ R. Bazinet

2:30-2:45            P. Subbaiah       457118
Efficient delivery of dietary DHA to the brain, and improvement of memory through lysophosphatidylcholine

2:45-3:00            R. Bazinet           464288
How docosahexaenoic acid enters the brain: A model unifying plasma lysophospholipid and unesterified pools.

3:00-3:15            H. Nacir               447386
DHA bioavailability from the structured phospholipid 1-acetyl,2-docosahexaenoyl-glycerophosphocholine (AceDoPC®) in humans.  

3:15-3:30            V. Giuliano         447685
Applying stable carbon isotopic analysis at the natural abundance level to determine the origin of brain docosahexaenoic acid

3:30-3:45            R.J. Lacombe     447964
Natural abundance carbon isotopic analysis indicates equal contribution of local synthesis and plasma uptake to palmitic acid levels in mouse brain.