Passports and Visas
All visitors to the United States must be in possession of a valid passport in order to enter the country, and in some cases, a visa. More information is provided by the United States Department of State. All children travelling to/from the United States must have a valid Passport.

Visa Restrictions:

As of March 6th, 2017. The United States bars travelers from the following countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Entry will be denied for a sufficient period of time (90 days) to warrant American safety for any traveler from any of the said countries. All green card visa holders from the said countries will be allowed re-entry into the United States upon a re-entry interview.  The Visa issuance program remains fluid and it is best to start your Visa application process as soon as possible.  ISSFAL staff are ready to assist if necessary.

Time Differences
Las Vegas operates is located in the Pacific USA time zone, which is 8 hours behind (-8) is Greenwich Mean Time throughout the year, 3 hours behind Eastern US Daylight time.

May in Las Vegas can be very warm in the day (90F / 32c) and cool in the evenings (55F / 13c) .  The weather is generally dry during the months of May and June.

Banks and Money
The currency unit is the US Dollar, denoted by the symbol $, with 100 cents making up $1 (one Dollar). Foreign currency can be exchanged at local banks and Bureaux de Changes. Most major international credit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and their affiliates are widely accepted.

Click here for currency converter.

Please ensure that you bring the correct converter for your electrical equipment.

Most restaurants do not add a service charge to bills - thus it is customary to leave a 10-15% tip. This is always appreciated, even though it may seem uncustomary in your country.

The United States does not have a Value-added-tax (VAT). However, there are state and local taxes incurred on various purchases.

Disabled Travelers
An increasing number of accommodation establishments have wheelchair ramps and bathroom facilities for the disabled. Almost every national park has at least one accessible chalet and many accommodation establishments have one or two wheelchair-friendly rooms. Most sports stadiums have accessible suites, stands or areas for wheelchairs near accessible parking as well as special toilet facilities. Most public buildings also caters for wheelchair access.  Check with your hotel when making reservations about their accommodations for disabled guests.

Health and Safety
Many foreigners are unaware that South Africa has a well-developed infrastructure, high standards of water treatment and medical facilities equal to the best in the world. Here we address any health and safety questions you may have.

Hospitals and Medical Care
There are a great many hospitals and doctors in the Las Vegas area.  Many hotels including the MGM have medical staff onsite and trained operators of AED devices.  Several pharmacies are located near the MGM and the property has a store with some basic non-prescription medicines.

Food and Water
As a rule, tap water in Las Vegas is safe to drink as it is treated and is free of harmful micro-organisms. In hotels, restaurants and nightspots, the standards of hygiene and food preparation is top-notch. It is safe to eat fresh fruit and salads and to put as much ice as you like in your drinks.

Road Safety
The transport infrastructure is excellent and roads are in excellent condition should you wish to rent a car and make a day trip. There are very strict drinking and driving laws.

The Congress Organizers have taken all reasonable care in making arrangements for the Congress, including accommodation. In the event of unforeseen disruptions, neither the Conference Organisers nor the Society can be held responsible for any losses incurred by delegates. The Congress Organizers act as agents only in securing hotels, transport and travel services, and shall in no event be liable for acts or omissions in the event of injury, damage, loss, accident delay or irregularity of any kind whatsoever during arrangements organized through contractors or by the employees of such contractors. Hotel and transportation services are subject to the terms and conditions under which they are offered to the general public. Delegates should make their own arrangements with respect to personal insurance. The Conference Organizers reserve the right to make changes as and when deemed necessary, without prior notice to the parties concerned. All disputes are subject to resolution under United States or Local Las Vegas Law where applicable.